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A listening ear for
next generation of women finding their voice.

Empowering teen girls and young adult women to embrace who they are with clarity and confidence during their transition into womanhood.

What’s the difference between
 life coaching and  therapy?

Many people have a tendency to confuse the two, but they have distinct purposes.

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which one is the better fit for your situation.

Next GenHERation
Life Coaching

Life Coaching for Teens

(ages 12-17)

As a life coach for teen girls, I help my clients navigate challenges with academics, identity, self-esteem, decision making, relationships and more. During our coaching sessions, my goal is to provide your daughter with the tools and resources necessary to help strengthen certain areas of her life so she can face and navigate personal experiences with confidence.

Life Coaching for Young Women

(ages 18-25)

Transitioning into womanhood with newfound independence can be pretty overwhelming. Whether you’re currently in school or jumpstarting your career, the pressure of making tough choices on your own has been weighing on you heavily. I’m here to help you peel back the layers of uncertainty so you can learn to embrace and walk confidently in the woman you’re destined to be.

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The Next GenHERation Life Coach

        s rewarding as being a parent is, I know how                   challenging it can be — especially when it comes to raising a teenager. One day they’re your sweet little baby and before you know it, they’re going to high school, getting their driver’s license, and bursting at the seams with hormones. Trust me — I know the feeling. 


I’m Shandra, a certified teen life coach, educator, wife, and mom of three with a passion for empowering the next generation of women through personal life coaching and curriculum development. As a parent of two teenagers and one pre-teen, I’m fully aware of the challenges that come with communicating and connecting with


your child during their transition to adulthood.


I’ve always found joy in serving as a listening ear for the youth, which is why I’m here to be a trusted confidante and “womentor” for teen girls and young women trying to find their way in this world. 

Whether you’re a parent or guardian of a teenage girl or you’re a young adult woman on a path of self-discovery, I’m here to help my clients feel seen, heard, and empowered to be the best possible version of themselves.

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client testimonial

      We are simply overjoyed at the growth we’ve             seen in our daughter since she has been a participant at SRP Life Coaching for Teen Girls. My daughter is an 11th grader, and my husband and I thought that by now, our daughter would have grown out of her shyness and struggles with public speaking.


We enrolled her in SRP Life Coaching for Teen Girls for one-on-one sessions centered on self-development, self-motivation, empowerment, and social development.


Shandra’s coaching techniques have enabled our daughter to make tremendous strides in her confidence.


Shandra is consistent in her delivery, always prepared, professional, and client-focused. She provides verbal and written coaching tools that our daughter uses in her day-to-day school and social activities. Our daughter looks forward to her coaching sessions with Shandra, as do we. We highly recommend SRP Life Coaching for Teen Girls. It has been a phenomenal experience!"

~ Sloan & Erica Hogan

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